Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saw him again!

Yesterday when I went to pick up Emily from school guess who else was picking a kid up?

If you guessed Santa Claus, you'd be right!

Either I'm seeing things because I have so much to do and Christmas is coming too fast or there really is a flesh and blood Santa living in my neighbourhood. His vanity plate said Polar X. He did not drive a sleigh.


RAE said...

Can you give him my list, please???? I've been a good girl!

Rarinstamp said...

Yes you did see him Kelly! He has been coming to our school for a few years now I think. He really does play Santa but I'm not sure where and I think his wife also helps. If you say hi Santa, he will wave too. He always smiles at my Shaelyn and the other little guy I pick up cause they said one day "hey there's Santa".
He's watching you so better be good. :)

Tara said...

Did you give him my list??? I've been a somewhat good girl, and I BELIEVE!