Tuesday, November 04, 2008


That's the sound of the whip being cracked.

I made this stationery box during the last class I had, I used the Bella Rose papers and like how it turned out. I've got a little nest egg going of these boxes. Might have to sell a few off this weekend.

After dropping Emily off at school, I like to get my errands done and come home. Today I had the Big Red truck because the van needed something looked at. So off I went to Buckerfields for a new Kong and dog treats, can't beat the 20 lb box that was on sale. Too bad I could hardly lift it. Then I went to Princess Auto to look for a few things. Then to the plastics store where I get all kinds of things, like cutting plates for my Big Shot. I know I could buy them from me and SU for about $12 a pair, but I can get them for quite a bit less in town. And nothing like customer service (although I try to give myself decent service) I took my plate in at 9 am. and was told it would be ready tomorrow and within the hour I got the call to come and get them. Then Kerry called and said he wanted his truck back and had to go to the plastics place and I was so excited that we both had to go to the same place that he picked me up and went during work hours! It was almost a date.

This morning I mentioned to Yolanda that I wanted to find a template for 12x12 calendars so I could make my own with my Bind-It-All for the grandparents for Christmas. I usually buy SU ones, but figured I have all the tools to do it myself. Besides these ones have the dates already printed on them, the SU ones don't and inevitably, I stamp them wrong.

This is a shot of Kerry (sooc) walking through the burned out area at Crawford. It's been over 5 years and I still find it hard to believe how the fire devastated the landscape. It's slowly coming back, Kerry says in the spring and summer it's really green and the grass and other weedy things are quite tall. It's also very dangerous, the dead trees fall daily from the wind.


RAE said...

omg...do you never stop LOL! I think you create something everyday don't you??? I am such a slacker lately. That decorated box is really cute.

Angie Tieman said...

Awesome stationery box and calendar! I always mess up my SU calendars too and never like them enough to hang them up! That's a great picture of the burned out forest too, you got a really cool shot!