Friday, November 14, 2008

That Dog! Updated

So I should have known. I didn't notice Speedy Gonzales run past me. I should have gone upstairs when I heard the weird eerie bark/howl but I didn't. It wasn't until he brought his treasure back downstairs that I discovered Linus had been in the Christmas gift stash in my bedroom. This was once a majestic stag, okay, it was just a cute Webkins baby deer but it could have grown up to be a majestic stag if 'destroyer-of-all-things-cute" hadn't gotten ahold of it. I picked it up on the weekend at Chapters, they were buy 2 get one free. This was my free one, they only had one left. This one I secretly hoped to keep, it reminded me of Rudolph, of cute things that don't hurt helpless animals.

I put my anger and Designer Digitals sale to good use, turned it into possitive creative energy and made this layout. I had already purchased the deer paper before the slaughter, I figured it was fitting. I printed the digital papers out on to Bazzills white linen cardstock, the green cardstock is SU's kiwi kiss, love it. I used an Ali Edwards brush for the photo (so VERY you) and my favourite Making Memories stickers for the journaling. Love those little stickers.


RAE said...

I burst out laughing....sorry...I am totally commiserating with you b/c that happens around here too and we don't find it funny (at the time).

RAE said...

Very cool LO...I am really impressed with your digi expertise...wtg! I am a total digi flunkie...I need to play more with that stuff.