Monday, January 16, 2012

Body Restoration, a BBQ, and lack of coffee humour.

I am very fortunate to be taking the Brave Girls course called Body Restoration.  I need it right now. My body needs it right now. It's not a comfortable place to be.
With all the dietary issues I've been having over the last 6 months, I am at odds with my body and food. I think I should be able to eat fruits and veggies, my body doesn't think so, it rebels, it causes me grief. This goes against everything I've ever known about trying to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. I want salad so badly. I want grapefruit juice, I've never been much of a juice drinker but all of sudden, it's what I want, but the side effects aren't worth it.
I've given up coffee {gasp}, my one and only cup a day. Which means I've given up my sugar in it too. This may be the reason I am not as sweet as I was 8 days ago. I am drinking tea, black tea, with caffeine in it. Only benefit I can see right now to giving up coffee might be the money we are saving on Tassimo cups,  and maybe the fact I might be less acidic. But that could be due to the medication I'm taking too.
I'm not doing the course to lose weight, if that happens, great, I'm doing it to get my body on track, feeling better about eating, and to feel more comfortable with myself. And if I make some beautiful artwork while I'm at it, then it's win-win! The above is the first assignment, and if it's a little 'Silence of the Lambs', that's on purpose. It wouldn't be me if it wasn't a little tongue-in-cheek.

A new of Christmas, thanks to mom and dad.
Our old bbq was free, and we had 2 of them so we gave one to mom and dad. They were small, but they worked and were free, did I mention that? This sucker is huge! Has no sides, so no burns on the wrists! It has a burner, for frying onions according to Kerry. It has a handy cupboard below it for hiding the tank and oh, I don't know, maybe your bike headlight so that when you really need it, you look high and low and everywhere else only to decide it's lost forever. Then when you are lighting the bbq so your wonderful wife can try to prove you wrong that the bbq really isn't hotter than the old one and everything burns, you discover that you put your light in the cupboard. And then you worry that you have Alzheimer's because your wife just finished reading Still Alice and told you you have Alzheimer's.
Anyways, The BBQ is heaven sent. Matches the house too. Needs a cover, which is nearly impossible to find in the winter. And if you are wondering about dietary issues and the BBQ, I can eat meat. And meat I will eat! I can't wait to smoke a brisket on this baby!
And yes, my flowers are dead. It's still life.

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Rae | Family Photographer said...

I sympathize with your food issues. My hubs has Crohn's, my daughter has celiac & diabetes & one of my granddaughter is lactose intolerant. Meal planning has to be much more regimented and carefully thought out.

Enjoy your new BBQ. We got a super duper BBQ last summer and we love it. It cooks faster, more evenly, has a browning burner and is forest green. She is a beauty! Is it weird to love your BBQ? LOL