Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The hardest part about blogging is coming up with titles.

I've put my 50mm f/1.4 back on my camera. I did it just before Christmas knowing 2 things...
1. the 24-70mm is darn heavy to be packing around during the holidays, I need my arms for presents and food. 
2. f/1.4 is totally awesome for low light situations, f/2.8 is not. (Jimmy Fallon said I need to use awesome less, therefore it's stuck in my head and I want to use it all the time.)
I have kept the lens on out of sheer laziness now, and as I document my everyday with it, I remember how much I love it. 

We received some interesting items this Christmas...Shaun's page-a-day calendar is counting us down to the end of the world. A small change from the zombie-fact-a-day calendar of 2011.  It's a great way to start the day.

 I gave one of these thought-a-day journals to myself, Heather and Marg for our Project Life journaling. I find it so hard to write a thought a day. I also found I have to have the perfect pen to write, and I have the worst handwriting in the world, so it's a work in progress. I want to not write "I have a stomach ache" every night so ....
 We are not dieting, I'm sure I've mentioned my non-resolutions and the feelings of let down that go with resolutions when they aren't followed. Anyways, it's not a resolution, it's a life style change. I need to eat healthier so we are following a bit of Clean Eating, getting out the processed foods, etc. And eating with common sense. We bought this creamy chicken soup with quinoa pasta and it is so good, I decided to put it in a cute little sour dough loaf from Cobs. This was a bad choice. I soon discovered that if I want to not write "I have a stomach ache" in my journal, I should not eat so much sour dough. 
 Speaking of interesting gifts...Mrs. Purkis got this wonderfully interesting and very amusing Flavorwave Turbo Oven. It's endorsed by Mr. T! How could it not be useful? I pity the fool that looks into the light.

No models were injured during this photoshoot. Some lost their eyesight for 2 hours, and some had mild 3 degree burns on one side of their faces. 


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Are you kidding? The titles are the EASIEST part. Taking *awesome* (oh yeah, I said it) photos, however, is not. You make it look effortless :)

Pound said...

Are you kidding me? Zombie fact a day? We need that. Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to look into minestrone. Right it's a game of how much can throw into my quinoa and still have it taste good?