Saturday, June 01, 2013

Miniature May

Amelia and I decided that for May, we'd use our Lensbaby Edge 80's. We can both use the practice! 
I didn't edit these, although a few needed to be levelled out, I have a severe leaning issue. 
This is the view from the stairs near our house. I overcame my fear of taking my camera out in public and walked over with taking these photos in mind. 

 I turned around and took this shot, there's always something going on behind you. What you can't see is the little yellow bird in the tree on the right. 
 This is our street on garbage day. 
 I made Linus pose for some practice shots. He doesn't sit still for long.
 I love how his chest hair is blowing in the wind. Not cute on a human, but cute on a dog.
 We went to the Peachland Car show on the long weekend with my parents. 
 I took pictures of the cars Kerry said were nice cars.

 There's just something about this one that I like.
 My garden is slow this year. At this time, the end of May/beginning of June, we were eating lots of lettuce out of the garden. This year, my lettuce has hardly broke ground.
 My super sweet friends showed up with this and an awesome Starbucks beverage container in hopes of cheering me up after "the worst day ever".
 You would think that this guy would make up for it. He doesn't.
 I didn't kill my potted plants yet. 
 If he could just sit still for 15 seconds! I only need 1/500th of a second really!

Make sure you pop by Amelia's blog to see her Alpaca photos and other Miniature May shots!

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