Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My garden is growing like crazy! And I should be out weeding it right this minute. But instead I'm hoping it rains so I can put it off another day. I planted some weird Oriental Greens, now they are ready and I have no idea what to do with them. Mitsuba, Tsoi-Sim, Garland Round Leaf, and Komatsuna. I'm also trying a different approach with my tomatoes. I noticed most successful tomato plants had very few branches with leaves on them, so I'm pruning mine with less restraint. 

 The most exciting thing to happen so far in June, (and by so far I mean until June 27th when I meet my idol), is our new-to-us Subaru. It's little, it's white, it's zippy, it's clean, and it's a Subaru. Kerry's dream make of a car. Sadly for him, I love it so much I call it "My Car!" I hated driving the van. I love driving my car!

It fits so neatly in the garage. With room to spare.

At Bulk Barn buying $40 in junk food.
 I made a few cards at the crop. And started an album for when I get back from our trip.
 Linus helped with the first spinach harvest. 
 I've been mapping, googling, researching, for weeks now. This might be the most planned trip in the history of trips. Sadly, Crater Lake and Portland have been cut. There's just not enough time for lakes in  blown out volcanos or Voodoo donuts! But we must get Vanilla Coke, Cheese, Trader Joe's Goodies, and lunch at Sonics at least once. 
 This is how much gas my baby car takes! Multiply that by 2 and that's what the van took. The van also had to have mid-grade gas because it was a jerk on the low stuff. The car doesn't seem to mind it. 
 After looking at every single shoe store in town, I finally found THE shoes! I love them!  On sale, and so comfy too.
 The M family gave me a new car package. Great stuff for the trip and every day driving! I'm not sure about the cap gun. 
 For Father's Day, Kerry wanted to go to the suspension bridge that we didn't even know existed till a few weeks ago. I could have lived a long, boring, scare-free life not knowing about it. But instead we said ok, it's Father's Day. Let's do it. We learned that Emily swears when she's scared out of her tree. I didn't like crossing the bridges one bit. Get a few people on the bridge, and that thing swings like crazy. I am sure I heard the popping of things coming un-done. It's a weird area, the construction is in all different stages of un-finished-ness. There's a lot of safety hazards, no "use at your own risk" signs,  no marked trails to or from the place, so you climb down the mountain like a goat would. The view is amazing. But I can see that from solid ground!

I might not get back to blog before we leave, my end of the month post will have to be a bit later. 

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