Monday, July 08, 2013

Kerry and Kelli's Big Adventure - Day 1

About a year ago, my most favourite blogger, Karen Russell, decided to do workshops. While I couldn't go that year, she did decide to do more this year. I promptly signed up and started crossing days off my calendar! We decided to make it one big road trip, taking 8 days to do it. Kerry hated driving down the I-5 the last time so we went down 97 and home up the Oregon coast. I planned every single minute of this trip! And when it started to go sideways, I let it. 
When we went on road trips before, I didn't drive much because I hated the van. But this time, I drove from home to Somewhere, USA and a few other times too! I don't think I had one nap on the way to our destination. Before I had 13 naps a day. I'm not even kidding you. I think somewhere deep down, I was very excited, even nervous about spending 4 days with a group of strange women. But I didn't need to worry, they were the best, most amazing group of women ever. 
I decided the landscapes were Lensbaby worthy and shot quite a bit with my Edge 80. 

Kerry and my baby car were Lensbaby worthy too. Oh, how I love that baby car. And that Kerry too.
And the windmills, I don't know what it is about them, but I get all goose bumpy and I'm pretty sure they have something to do with aliens. I took way to many photos of them. 
We made a few wrong turns, but they usually ended up taking us to some place better. That's how we found Sonic. Had a cherry limeade and some cinna-snacks.
We did a lot of shopping for food. We picked up a lot of things up for other people. My camera bag was so heavy, it needed a shopping cart.
I don't know what Chicken in a Biskit is, or even what a 'biskit' is, but we bought them for Emily. I have my doubts that they are even any good. But who doesn't love saying "chicken in a biskit"?

The little car stopped at all the best places. Hobby Lobby was pretty great, but we didn't buy anything. 
I was looking for a specific item, and we found it at Michaels. On clearance too. Go figure. We don't even have it in Canada, and I read on-line that it was just hitting the US Michaels the week we were there.

In my ridiculous hours and hours of planning, I found things to see. Like the Stonehenge War Memorial, in Maryhill. It's right on the border of Washington and Oregon. We stayed right across the river from it at a truck stop motel. 

Kerry was taking a picture of this poor tailless lizard. It made us miss the tailless Golden at home, but only for a minute. We didn't miss the dog hair. For some reason this photo won't centre and it's driving me crazy.

Just about every where we go, we take a photo like this. It's our thing now. If there are other people around, they always offer to take our picture for us, and we always decline. 

The view from the memorial. Our hotel was just at the end of the left side of the bridge. See that barge in the river, it had something to do with the Army. There were lots of camouflaged men and women, probably more that we saw. I think it had something to do with aliens. Kerry didn't think so. We also went down the hill to the treed area, it was a large, beautiful camp ground.

Kerry took quite a few panoramic photos with his phone. If he hadn't, no one would even know I was on the trip!

Even though we stayed at the truck stop, it wasn't that noisy. It was weird to see all the trucks lined up, they were also in the lot behind the motel. Might have had something to do with aliens.  The motel was clean, the only problem was the freakin' huge sturgeon in the motel lobby. If you know anything about me, it's that I hate those things. We didn't take advantage of the continental breakfast, mostly because we were up before the sun, but really because I'm not eating a breakfast that came from a room with a sturgeon in it. 

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Pound said...

those windmills arewind energy! they're all over ca. what's the PL stuff at michaels? i didn't even know they have it. chicken in a biskit is the best. but they're so bad for you.