Saturday, July 13, 2013

I see the LIGHT!

Somethings I wanted to get better at...
1. seeing the light.
2. taking my camera out in public and actually using it.
3. getting decent candid shots of everyday events.
4. white balance.

There's some things you can't fix. Like the clutter on the deck. But really, I can fix that, after I shot this, I moved some things so they were easy to find, but not in my line of sight.  
I don't mind that there's that giant hot, bright spot. The 2 of them were sitting on the deck in the sun spot.

We had decided earlier this week that we should go to the Farmer's Market more often. I had just bought a bunch of veggies yesterday so we didn't really need much. I did want a necklace like the one I  bought for the workshop to give to someone else. So I told Kerry that was what he was getting me for my birthday in August!  I took these photos, in public, and I didn't care if anyone was watching! I also tried to remember to either shoot straight on, or at a distinct angle from my subject. 
We got some treats from the German bakery truck, pretzel buns and a cookie, and in good ol' Seinfeld fashion (these pretzels are making me thirsty), someone had to have a drink right away. Nothing like a can of Coke before 10 am.
 Here Kerry asked if I wanted him to do anything else while I took pictures. I didn't.
I asked them to quickly stand there for me. More importantly, this was My Little Car's first time at the Farmer's Market with me. It's so much smaller but I can fit so much in the back! Then we went to Walmart for a t-shirt and some salt, and then the bike store for some tubes. We were back home by 10:30!
Kerry decided it was time to wash the dust, dirt, and insect carcasses from Oregon off the car. It made me a little sad. "Remember the splat that bug made on the way to Crater Lake?"
I used the Expodisc for the proper white balance for the front of the house.
My lavender is almost spent, it was crazy this year! I debated pulling out the tall weeds in the middle, but then got too lazy.
 I'm pretty enamoured with that little car.
 That tough guy washing my little car isn't too bad either.
 I felt bad for the furry jerk. So I went back to hang out with him. He has a habit of bolting across the road if he sees anything move.
 A dog in full sun isn't ideal, but sometimes it's a cake issue. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
 I helped dry the car off in the garage, there's so much more room in there now.
I saw this banged up large scary moth on those weird alien weeds/flowers. A faster shutter speed helps catch this shot. Oh,  how ran away from it after.
 And then we rolled! And now I know that blown out super bright area is not ideal. 
I love my camera so much more now! 

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Amy said...

You're doing it! You're taking everything we learned and using it! Thanks for pushing me to do the same! This is one of the many reasons I "needed" that workshop! You are a ROCK STAR, Kelli!