Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Month of June, a little late.

The suspension bridges were neat, but I don't need to go back there. Kerry and Emily said they would. 
The garden really took after after all the rain, but it was short lived, because then it got so hot everything went to seed.
Heather brought over her new puppy. Gibson and Linus got along so well. 
I went to RM's dance recital. It was long, more than 3 hours. Lots of talented kids! And the costumes were great. At dinner, someone stuck the restaurant's crayons in my purse when I wasn't looking. So later that week, I mailed them to the person I thought did it. Turns out I was mis-informed. Now I scared they might show up somewhere when I least expect them.

We celebrated Connie's birthday with Chinese food at Lorana's before scrapbooking class. I hadn't had Chinese in ages, and it was so good!
We left for Oregon on the 26th. Stopping along the way to see lots of sights. That's the Columbia River.

 We made plans to see Crater Lake, then we thought we wouldn't have time, but then Marg said we had to see it so we made the time. It was pretty amazing. 

 Kerry dropped me off in Jacksonville, and drove on to Yreka (pronounced "why" not to be confused with Eureka). He stayed there and drove to Ashland to mountain bike a few times. It was stinking hot!

 And I was about to begin the best workshop ever! And meet some of the most beautiful women I  now call my friends. And take some of the best photos I've ever taken. And eat the tastiest food I've had in ages, that I didn't make. 
Each night we found treats on our pillows, which were a nice after working and thinking, and shooting and pushing boundaries into the early hours of the morning.

 Each morning we woke up to a beautiful breakfast spread, my mouth is still watering thinking about those bagels. (We stopped on the way out of town to get a few more for the next day.) And then we headed back upstairs to start the day! Notice how cute everything is! The whole weekend was like that, every detail was looked after. 
I've got so many photos from the trip and the workshop. I'll try to pace myself.

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