Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hop To It!

 Around here, the last week before school is always a week of "I didn't get to {Insert pretty much anything} and now summer vacation is almost over!" So I told the girls if they got up early, I'd take them to see the kangaroos.
 S was scared to touch the giant bird and just after this she reached out and made contact, and said it wasn't what she thought, and the pot bellied pig she touched wasn't as soft as she thought it would be. Just after this she whispered "The giant other bird is right behind you." I was really surprised at how calm the birds were. Not like the lab puppy that was running around biting everyone, including Emily.
 I remember reading Capyboppy by Bill Peet and thinking that a capybara would be an awesome pet. We decide it doesn't look as soft and huggable as Linus, but it's still a pretty cute giant rodent.
 This was all fun and games until a small male goat came and got all inappropriate with the goat on the ground. Must have been watching too much Miley Cyrus.
 Some of the kangaroos just sit around and let everyone pet them.
 And this one, that we held last summer as a joey, was in a pen marked "Naughty". We all know albino humans are usually the villains in movies so why would an albino kangaroo be any different?
 A sugar glider. A distant, sweet loving relative to Rocky, the flying squirrel.
 And the moment they waited patiently for, the one they can cross off their bucket list....holding the sack of joey!
He was a licker. The kids said his tongue was softer than a kittens. He was pretty sweet. 
If I can't get a job as a baby holder, I might apply for a joey holding job. 

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