Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kerry and Kelli's Big Adventure - Day 3

This is where we divide it into Kerry's Big Adventure and Kelli's Big Adventure.

Kerry has been trained to take pictures of everything. Like where his bike slept in Yreka, while dreaming of riding in Ashland.
He knows to take pictures of things like scenery in the park when he goes for a walk in 104 degree weather because it's too hot to mountain bike. 
 He knows to document what he ate, because that's what we do. 
I'm sure we were both awake very early, because that's what we are used to. I was up around 5 am. so I went out for a walk. I'd never walk around home before 6 am.
I used my Lensbaby for these shots.
 Jacksonville is so cute! I'd go back there for sure.
 The Hanna house was a beautiful location to call home for the days we were there. There were deer in the bushes, not afraid to pop out and scare us while we were just sitting around. We never got to just sit around, we were learning, eating, shooting....
 Karen had all kinds of great activities and learning planned for us! Here she's telling us to pay attention to our surroundings and lighting.
 Making sure we pose our subjects in a flattering way.
 And she made sure we were well nourished! There was a tofu dish that was to die for.
Karen took this of me. I'm tired, I've used up all my brain cells. Later on, I'll realize this shirt is not flattering to my middle.

We stayed up late, I thought the night before was late, but 12:30 am was the earliest I went to bed the whole time, and we were up by 7 and ready to go. And I don't think anyone really complained about it!

In more recent news, I'm addicted to Project Life, I've been busy working on some stuff and I really love the real kits, as opposed to making my own. A lot less work!


amelia said...

i love seeing photos from your workshop!

A Fanciful Life said...

Can you please continue to post photos from the workshop for the next year or at least until the reunion?! Love reliving it with you!