Monday, August 05, 2013

July Happenings!

I'm so behind! I still have so much to blog from our trip, and now I'm behind on our monthly blogging! But I know everyone's been busy, and Amelia might have forgotten to blog too!
I've been putting my newfound knowledge to good use, I think. I'm trying to properly expose, shooting manually. I'm still a little slow, but I'm sure with time I'll speed up. 
We took the girls to Kasagui Gardens in the rain early July. They had their ice cream from Moolicks, and I got a few pictures.

Justin came to town for Mom's 60th birthday. We went out quite a bit, shopping, taking pictures, lunching.
 We got eaten alive by mosquitos! I've never been bitten so much. Emily didn't get one bite!
For the last 2 years, we've gotten our blueberries from some guy named Rob (I've yet to meet him). He drives them up from the lower mainland. They are really nice, big berries. We decided to make a blueberry buckle from the American Test Kitchen Baking Cookbook. It was delicious! Normally, I hate the photos taken in my kitchen but with the help of my new Expodisc, the lighting and colour casts are too bad. I want to paint that red before the year is out.
It was my turn to host bunco, (nothing like having the girls over to get motived to clean the house) and I demanded a photo. Shannon was unable to make it, so Connie and my mom were subs. Mom is taking the picture.
I filled up the pool for the hot dog. He is so funny. He tries so hard to lay down and put his head down, but he starts blowing bubbles and doesn't know what to do. He needs a floating pillow. I may have positioned the pool near my pots for a prettier back drop.

 Emily's been working hard on her costumes for Anime Revolution mid-August. 
For Mom's birthday, I offered to drive her to Vancouver so she could attend Jeff and Jen's wedding. The day before the wedding, my friend, that I've known since grade 3, messaged that she wanted to get together. We haven't seen each other since Emily was a newborn, I think. We met at Queen's Park petting zoo. Mom came and was a hit with V's son! It was so nice to see her again. 
The wedding was held at the John M.S. Lecky Boathouse. It was a very neat venue. A bit hot. The bride looked lovely in the kimono. 
 The 5 sisters lined up for their almost yearly wedding photo. 

 Some of the cousins, only the girl ones!
 The bride and her friends and sisters made the 1000 cranes. I'd love that hanging in my house!
Jen's listening to Jeff sing a song he wrote for her. He's playing the ukulele too. I wish I could have gotten him in the photo too.
 Jen got changed into a wedding gown. It was very pretty!
 The view of the river and airport land from the boathouse.
The next day, we met up with Justin and went to Bellingham for a little shopping, before heading Mission. We hung out with this cute kid. She's so funny! 
I picked up some really thin corn tortillas so that I could try my hand at fish tacos. We decided salmon would be good. I made a chipotle cole slaw and pickled red onions to go with the tacos. I'll be making them again!

Don't forget to head over to Amelia's blog to see how she spent her July!


Anonymous said...

Love all the pics! You've been soo busy!

Pound said...

your mom has a lot of sisters!!! what the? and they all look the same! you can also try breading the fish. in ca, our fish tacos are usually bttered and fried. but a healthier version is breading and baking.