Thursday, November 05, 2015

If at first you don't succeed...

We are trying so hard, maybe too hard, to do these challenges in the time we've given ourselves! The whole idea was to get out and use our cameras more. I hate to feel guilty about not getting the challenges done in a timely manner! I have to get over that. 
The challenge was to take a photo in low light. 

We usually have our little Halloween photo shoot earlier, for lighting reasons, and we usually have a child or two in the photo. But everyone had to work, so Linus got dressed up and tried his best to look daunting as the Headless Horseman or is it Dogman?  He wore his costume to answer the door for about an hour, then he got too hot. He just loves seeing all the kids! 

Check Amelia's blog for her take on the challenge.

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Amelia said...

Go Linus :D When I was a kid, I loved seeing dogs answer the door on halloween when I get candy!