Thursday, September 21, 2006


I really haven't done much since my last post. Nothing that seems blog worthy. Did a bit of shopping, got new socks. Went to Michaels today, I figure I go about once every 3 months. They had some cute new things, but it still doesn't make up for the crappy customer service. If you have stickers for $1.50 in a different section than the other stickers, but the sale is only good for $1.69 and up, don't put a sign in front of the $1.50 Halloween stickers saying they are on sale at 40% off. But if you do, you should honour it. Not get the manager to come over and make a person feel like an idiot. And if you do, then I will return the stickers and so will my friend, and you can bet we won't apologize for it. And it will be at least 3 months before I go in again.
Also, they stopped carrying magazines. What's the point of going in at all now? Most people I know used their coupon for magazines.
I did finish one scrapbook page the other day. I'd post a picture, but I am still waiting for the call saying it's fixed.

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infogoddess said...

Hi Kelli, Man that magazine thing really pissed me off...I don't think I wanna go there anymore. Mind you I always regretted going there anyway ;)