Sunday, September 17, 2006

Who knew a little $8 mug from Starbucks would bring me so much joy? I have a love for all things miniature and when I was out with Heather at Starbucks getting our weekly coffee, I spotted this little mug, a shrunken replica of the regular coffee mug, only this is for espresso. It was filled with chocolate covered coffee beans, it was perfect for Kerry. Now every morning he makes espresso and has his bitty mugful. With the rest, he makes my cold coffee drink and puts it in the fridge for me to have when I crawl out of bed. I always knew he was the bestest but this little mug puts him over the top! The caffeine helps too.

And...I called Visions this week to see if anyone knew anything about my camera and when it's estimated date of arrival would be. I really didn't expect much. But a very nice guy told me that Canon doesn't like it when they call before the 4 weeks is up so he would make a note to call on Friday and see what he could find out. Imagine my surprise on Friday when I got a call from Visions and was told that Canon is working on my baby right now and hopes to have it finished early next week and sent out later that week! I'm not holding my breath but I am very excited. Thank you Visions Guy!

I think I am finished picking for a little while. It's pretty sad really. The macs aren't getting picked. I'm such a softy. I actually feel bad for the apples. They are falling on the ground, they are beat up by the hail, split from the rain and sunburnt too. No one will get to enjoy them!

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