Friday, September 08, 2006

A Good Day

73% of my body hates me right now.
The rest is asleep but I am sure when it wakes up it won't be too happy. It was so hot and muggy that for the first time ever, my eye-balls were sweating.
I have been picking apples for my aunt for two days. It's great, fresh air, forced exercise, free snacks (bugs and apples), pretty good company too. And Sally gets to come with me and eat apples all day. The best part has to be the hours. My uncle says they're better than banker's hours. No reason for daycare!

But other than the pain of long forgotten muscles and eyes burned out by sweat...I had a great conversation with my oldest friend, Terrell, by oldest, I mean I've known her forever. I could hear her Zoe in the background chattering away. I made a great homemade soup for dinner. Talked to my Victoria friend, Nancy. And it's Friday, which means Anime night at our house. I could light myself on fire and no one would notice because eveyrone else is watching TV. I will probably scrapbook instead.

This picture is of Kerry and Emily walking to school on the first day, last year. No pictures this year because my camera is still on sick leave.


navigator said...

Good thing you are not travelling since your camera is still sick!! I would rather be where I am than picking apples thank you!!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you chose to scrapbook instead of setting yourself on fire!