Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Getting Old.

So, I tried to post once already and it got lost.
I noted today that as a grown-up, I can't colour all day and not expect to feel it the next day. My left wrist is killing me! Either I start colouring daily to get used to it, or I get the kids to do it for me. Boy, I would hate to have to take something just so I could do something that is supposed to bring out the kid in me!

I had a nice lunch with A. She's made some beautiful cards to sell. Very talented! She talked me into buying 1000 plastic bags for my cards. I was worried I wouldn't have the storage space but really it was more the fear of being labled weird for having 1000 of anything.
I took lots of pictures of my cards today. They are so much easier to photograph than children and pets. No treats needed. No bribing. Not many blurry picture, if there are, it's because I moved. Probably because I couldn't hold the camera steady with my bum wrist.

The green snowflake card is cased from Linley, I think that's who made the original. I saw it at Non-Regionals and loved it! So I had to make a few with a few changes. Notice the twinkly sparkles. It was really hard to photograph so that the sparkle actually showed up. So notice it already!
The JOY frame is straight from an issue of my Stampin' Up magazine. The BEST BUDS card is my own little brain working at it's best. I'm so about the sparkle the last couple days. The scrapbook page I designed for the make-n-take at Non-Regionals.

Kerry says the chili and garlic toast from Tim Horton's was good. It looked good and smelled good, but I was saving myself for lunch with Audrey. Did I mention we got a discount at Triple O's?


Audrey said...

cuz you knew Audrey discount! LOL...
Great stuff Kelli!
Thanks for joining me for lunch!

Cheryl said...

GORGEOUS stuff Kelli!

mmm.....chili.... :)

nancy said...

Oh my god, I love the JOY picture!!!!great job.. now I know why you dont paint anymore!!! miss ya, Nancy.

infogoddess said...

I love all that glitter!

Cris/avonlea said...

I love the way you displayed your scrapbook page!

How did you add the glitter? Did you use embossing powder?

It looks very pretty. =)