Monday, October 23, 2006

Stamp nazi!

Boy, did I ever feel like the Stamp nazi today. I had a group of ladies over to make4 Christmas cards. They did great, they were done in 2 hours. I figured they might take 3 hours. The first card took almost 45 minutes but they got faster after I cracked the whip. Poor things. I bet they all had to have a nap after. I probably scared them off, inky and covered in glitter.

I have 8 more coming tonight for their first stamping club. We're doing Halloween cards, again. I've got the 2 sets, I've got to use them! I'll try to be better behaved.

I tried my hand at watercolouring my Booglie Eyes set with my watercolour crayons and Aquapainter last night and really impressed myself and Kerry, but then again, I think he says things just to get out of the craft room fast. "Yup, looks good!" But he's probably thinking "What are you doing making dozens of Halloween cards? Please don't make me take them to work to hand out." I did think of giving him the Frankenstien one for his co-worker, Frank.

The cards in the picture are coloured with Gamsol and Prismacolour pencil crayons. I love that spider!


Anonymous said...

Great cards! Those guys are totally cute (and not something I would think to buy...)

infogoddess said...

Can hardly wait to see one IRL!

Audrey said...

I wanna try that technique... can we can we huh huh....
love those cards, love those stamps!