Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Grossed out!

Again with the lost posts. I get everything all typed in and then for some reason Shaw cuts out and I lose everything. Thought I was being sneaky buy saving as a draft, but that's gone too.

Monday night I had a Stamper's group here. As the last woman comes in she says "Did you know you have a big spider on your screen door? It looks like a black widow." It was the biggest one I had ever seen. I joked and said it was a Halloween decoration but secretly I was freaked out and glad it hadn't landed on me. Kerry took care of it and put it in a jar for whatever reason.

Soooo...last night we are laying in bed and I ask "How did you get the spider off the screen door?" With all the metal flourish thingies, I figured it must have been a challenge.
He says "With tweezers."
WHAT? "What tweezers?"
"The ones in the bathroom."
And just like that...bushy brows are back in style at my house!

He says he cleaned them. I asked "With bleach, soap and water?" He didn't say so I am thinking he used a Kleenex. He knows I am terrified of spiders, hate them with their beady eyes, long legs and hairy bodies. They are so sneaky. Now I could have spider hairs, spider germs, spider guts or spider eggs on my tweezers.

Kerry doesn't even have to be home to get my goat. I found evidence of him using my drill press yesterday, for metal! He must have drilled a hole in a bike part. He left metal shavings all over the place. He says no one uses it any way so what difference does it make if it's not the right drill bit?

So with my tweezers being used for spider removal, my drill press bits being abused and the fact that the coffee fairy didn't come to my house this morning to leave my nectar, I told him I was going to use his bike as a snow shovel this winter.

I better buy a lock for my stamping room! He might try to stamp a spider to death or worse!


infogoddess said...

so were any spiders harmed in the shooting of that photo? I'm wondering how the heck you did that!! And that is just gross about the tweezers...

Audrey said...

men they just don't think LOL... Tweezers.... why didn't he use one of his tools I ask WHY ?????