Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hump Day!

I am still in shock over the success of the sale, but do you know what really made my day?

I traded Cheryl some of the kids' Pokemon videos for scrapbook goodies. I had hundreds of people buying crafts at an event I planned and all I wanted to do was fondle the goodies in that bag!
Great for me! Not so great for the kids! BWHA HA HA HA HA
And the bag had my goodies from the challenges I won! Thanks M&M!

And not only did I win the challenges, but I found out that even though I couldn't go to Mylene's Mary Kay Open House, I still won the $100 gift basket! Whooo Hoooo! And as luck would have it, she won my Newsletter draw! Really!

My wonderful friend, Nancy called 2 times this week to wish me luck and to see how the sale went. She's been reading my blog and knew I was in the dumps about the whole thing! I sure do miss my Nancy Fancy Pants and her amazing purses!

Heather's on her way over to finish counting tags and reconcilling things. So far so good!

Kerry's job has awsome perks! Mostly Sony ones! I am finally using my MP3 player today. Now I have my own soundtrack that can go with me where ever I am. We have also started buying cds. I'm so undecisive when it comes to music I like that we decided to just bite the bullet and buy stuff on a regular basis, download it and put what we like on the MP3 players. Did I mention we got 3 free?

Name 2 songs/artists on my MP3 player and win a prize. This is not an easy one. So I'll give you a few hints...I was born in the 70's, so the 80's was big for me. No Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tiffany, Vanilla Ice, Brittany or Celine!


Dawn said...

Thompson Twins?


Kelli said...

No...none of those. I was more George Michael on his own, than a Wham girl. Definitely not a Sting person. And TT? Did they have more than one song?

Fern said...

Culture Club?
eurhythmics? (spelling?)
I know ... KC & the Sunshine Band (or is that too old) (or am I too old?)

Audrey said...

Your not too old Fern!

I don't want to play cause I get razzed too much...

Oh who am I kidding I don't care! LOL

April Wine

Fern said...

My personal favourite -

Dawn said...

For your information... Thompsdon Twins had an entire album and I know because I OWNED IT!! thought I can only remember one song.

"hold me know.... oh oh oh... warm my heart.... stay with me.... "

Heather said...

Queen, Queen, Queen!
Duran Duran.
Wang Chung.
Fine Young Cannibals
Billy Idol.
Boy George.(Culture Club)
Bon Jovi.

I could go on?
Hey Fern, you KC closet hider. I actually have a couple of 70's cd's I made and some of my fav's are KC.
Rock on girl! Too old? Doubtful with such a "Hotty" husband like yours!!!!!
Wink wink.