Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday again

Happy Birthday to Yolanda!

Went to work at Fabricland in the snow. If you don't already know, I took back my job as a rep for the notion company, H.A. Kidd. I only do Fabricland on Mondays for a few hours. Ran into Yvonne, she's the rep for Nintendo. I'd like that job, she gets to sample the products. I don't get to sample any products for H.A. Kidd, no discount either. Bummer. Good thing I have my SU!

Worked for 2 hours or so and then had to leave to get my temporary crown. I would like to say it's gold with rubies and emeralds but it's just an A1 tooth coloured crown or something not so exciting like that. I get to eat soft foods, no gum, no toffee and I have to be careful flossing, I might pull the crown off like the dentist did when he was explaining the flossing to me. Even with all the freezing in my face, I don't think I have ever had so much gum pain in my life. Thank you to the Advil twins for making me feel better.

It's so cold that I am having a hard time typing. Yes, the furnace is on. I'm just having a hard time warming up.

It can stop snowing now and start again at about 10:30 Christmas Eve.


Fern said...

You can join me in the 'no snow' dance. And I've got a crown coming up myself but not till the new year. oh joy.

Cheryl said...

Oh man, I would have loved to have seen you with a blingy crown. Maybe next time you pop into the store we can hot glue some rhinestones on for you.

I am so with you on the snow.