Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wii!!! Let's do it again!

This week, Shaun bought the Nintendo Wii. He totally lucked out with some help from my aunt. Pays to know people! He's already got 2 games, Kerry has one. There aren't many choices available so Emily plays the sports pack that comes with it.

The game has a wireless controller and you actually have to move to play the game. Like in bowling, you have to swing your arm and let go of the ball. I tried bowling and baseball this afternoon with Emily and holy crap, my arm will be so sore tomorrow. I can't even lift a 10 pin ball in real life, but I managed a 154 point game with a couple spares and a strike and I won't have to see the chiropractor like in real life. And I hit a home run! Good thing my dad taught me how to hold a bat! I haven't tried boxing yet, but that's another thing dad taught me, so look out George Foreman, I can grill and box too!

I can see the appeal, and if it gets the kids jumping around and moving more, I'm all for it. The real thing would be better but I know it's not likely to happen. So if you see any Wii controllers when you are out doing your Christmas shopping, let me know because they are few and far between. I haven't tried Zelda yet, I played a million years ago when it first came out. Apparently it's really good and the game to get. Good thing Shaun got it early. I want some Super Mario stuff. I can see some whacking things with a big hammer in my future! And a buff left arm, I can feel it coming.

Wish me luck tonight. It's the Medieval Banquet at R.S.S. and I want to get some better pictures than last time. It's hard, because the forum is so dark. Shaun's not really into all the Medieval stuff, but he loves the idea of the Jester. What 17 year old boy has his own Jester costume? And irons it himself? All the grandparents are going with us too. There's belly dancing, skits, food, and other entertainment.

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