Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baited Breath

It's taken me a couple days to even look at the computer. It's been almost a month of calling the tech every other day to see what the prognosis was. And in the mean time I have missed a few things. Like sharing my photos of the first snow. The following photos are unedited. Linus and Sally have a new cousin, Roxy, she's adorable, and my cousin's baby golden retriever. She came over for a few hours and every one fell in love with her, except Sally.

 We took Emily to the Taste of Japan. There was Taiko drumming, judo, origami, food, a bake sale, mochi (I have learned my lesson, I do not like it, I should not buy it) and there was a young, very shy girl  sitting at a table with her anime drawings. Ken, he owns Komatsu, the Japanese market, approached her after the screening of my cousin's movie and asked her to be a part of the Taste of Japan. I'm glad she did it, she's not so sure, she's so darn shy.
 I got 1000 pictures printed by Shutterfly. They are nice, but shipping was expensive and it took weeks to get them and when I did, they were damaged. HUGE let down.
 About 200 of them were scrunched on the corners, not a huge deal but that's not what I paid $50 in shipping for. So I called and complained and ended up getting all 1000 re-printed. Not what I needed but  it works. The rep said they would be shipped priority or expedited, which ever is supposed to be faster. Well, they came 5 days after their shipping said they would, which was a very long time. So long I had forgotten about them. I still have about 500 I want to print.
 We went to Big White to see the rally. It wasn't that great.
 Kerry's highlight of the trip...

My friend, Jeanette, finally talked me into getting gel nails. I did it as a special treat for Christmas. They are gorgeous. But they are so not me. Right now, they are much shorter, I'm a filing maniac. I can't properly scratch, or papercraft so I won't be keeping them.
 And my free book from Shutterfly. It's pretty nice, although I don't like the cover at all, it's glossy and shows finger prints and scratches.
I am almost ready for Christmas. Baking is done. Pounds have been put on. I'm planning on smoking a turkey and maybe a brisket. 
The new tv is awesome. I've keep the ickies at bay with Cold FX. All the parcels that needed to be sent have been sent, and then more gifts were found in the hiding spot, and so more parcels were sent. The hiding spot is too good, my memory is not so good. 
And finally, I leave you with my Christmas photo.... if I had one. Instead, here's our new ornaments for this Christmas. The last one is what we made in our Stamper's Group this month. On the back side it has a pocket for a gift card.
Mickey has friends that didn't show up for the photoshoot, and Dwight talks when you push his button.


Anonymous said...

Wow your nails are Way too long for me! I end up scratching myself too easily if they are long! I love the Jack ornament, we didn't even get that one yet!

Anonymous said...

I can NOT have my nails that long. I would tear them off! LOL!
Cracking up over that Dwight ornament! Totally need one for my tree!
And I love that first pic of your dog. Gorgeous!
As for shutterfly, I have had terrible luck with them and everytime I order I have to get a re-order because the corners of the pics are all bent. They need better packaging!

Rae | Family Photographer said...

So glad the computer is working now. I love your nails but my days of long nails are over. Its too hard to type, maneuver all the buttons on the camera and I'd probably rip one off within the first day.