Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm not ready. But I'm trying.
As I type this, know that I am multi-tasking. I have my second batch of nuts and bolts in the oven. I used a new recipe this year and it went over too well. I'm doing dishes also. And making Velveeta Fudge. It's not even 8 am.
The wonderful thing is that after a trip to Costco, a surprise bonus, and a gift card, we made a decision to get a larger, flatter, from this century television. It's a family Christmas present so my wrapping/shopping chores just decreased. I can't believe the difference. Everything is bigger!
 I got a big box of SU goodies this week and played with them. I used up almost all of this line of paper. It's called Springtime Vintage.

 I made a couple cute little note book holders.
 And then I made some of these decorated Pearson's mints for my Stamper's Group.
I'm hoping today is the day the tech says I can bring the computer home. I'm also hoping that the scritch in my throat is just a spider I swallowed in my sleep. If you know me and my dislike of spiders, then you will know that I am serious when I say I don't want to get sick this week.


Spider in Your Tummy said...

Mmmm, these Nuts n' Boltz down here are m, m, mmmm!

Angie Tieman said...

These projects are fantabulous!! You've given me a push to dive into my box of goodies! I hope your computer woes are fixed...completely...soon! Congrats on the new tv too, I'm jealous! Maybe we'll join the 21st century one of these days!

Sue said...

Those are awesome altered projects keli. I love that new DSP too.