Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still, again, whatever

After the computer's hard drive was replaced, it decided not to let me view my photos. A very big deal in this house so back it went to get fixed. The odds of it being the hard drive again are slim so now it might be a logic board or a cable. Both will be replaced this week. Thank goodness for warranties!  But it won't be back home until the weekend, if all goes well.
Kerry's Christmas party was at the Cove in West Kelowna this past weekend. We had a blast. It's gorgeous there, I did take pictures but the lack of my own computer means I can't share yet. We had a 2 bedroom suite to ourselves, a 6 course meal and tonnes of fun. But of course, this meant we missed UFC. I had Michelle and April texting me all night keeping me up to date on the pummeling of Koschek.
Kerry left me out there the next day so I could go to Michelle's Christmas gathering, had a great time chatting and eating. Last night was Bunco(I was not a winner), cookie exchange and Christmas sweater night. I made my sweater after having no luck finding one. Emily said it's both ugly and tacky. Mission accomplished.
Back at Michelle's Wednesday for Christmas tag making. Stamper's here on Thursday, Scrapper's on Friday and then Kerry is on holidays.
Whew... I might need a holiday too.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe your computer is so messed up! It must have been one they dropped a lot or something! Sounds like you had a great weekend! I went into a goodwill store with my Mom on Sunday and there was a hideous Christmas sweater hanging on a rack. I am so having an ugly sweater party next year! Of course I didn't buy it so I will have to start looking for another one!

Rae | Family Photographer said...

Tis the season...to be busy!

I can't believe the problems you have with your computer. Hope after this it'll be a looong time til the next repair.