Friday, December 03, 2010

It might be me

Maybe I have some kind of weird electromagnetic charge. In one year, 2 hard drives have crashed. And my new phone needed to be replaced because the battery didn't hold a charge for very long and then I got an error message.
So I spend half my day at London Drugs.
I've also been sorting the 1000 pictures I got from Sadly this is only about half of my haul from our trip. I got too tired of uploading the pictures at that point. When they came, 200 were damaged so I called and now I am getting all 1000 re-printed and sent priority. Great customer service. Huge waste of paper.

I've got a pile of un-used frames, and no pictures for them. LOL. So I thought I'd spruce them up for Christmas. The picture is horrible, you can't see the glitter and cand hardly make out the ghost snowflakes on the blue at the top. I think I will do this to all our frames in the living room.
I'm doing an on-line photography class. It's great but I'm having issues not being on my own computer. I've  watched all the first weeks videos, printed 2 weeks worth of lessons and finished 1 lesson. So not like me. I like to keep up. I like to be active on the boards, and I'm just not doing it. Although deciding not to decorate until mid-December hasn't helped either. Lots of the lessons are based on advent, decorating, shopping, wrapping, etc. Maybe I will start earlier than I had planned.

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Rae | Family Photographer said...

Hope they get your computer fixed soon. What a hassle. Too bad that its messing up your online class.