Wednesday, August 03, 2011

All my pretties.

I'm still pluggin' away at getting the basement finished. I've moved an end table in from the garage and a Barbie doll house out! I've got the fax machine in it's new spot, which means it's no longer on my bedside table. You never know when you might want to check those late night faxes. 
I realized when I got up today that in order for the basement to get finished, I needed to hang my cork board for all my jewelry. ALL!!! Ha Ha...Up until a week ago, I didn't need to do this. But after mom's jewelry party, I'm on my way to a small collection of baubles. I had bought a few of these boards a long time ago. I didn't love the Paris theme, but knew they had potential. I'm going to cover the Paris Icons with something else, I just haven't decided what yet.

I got the idea for the cork board from 2 of my friends, Calista and Misty-Rae. 
Here you can see my Medic-Alert bracelet, it should be on my wrist.

The pictures are such amazing quality, just kidding! Considering I had to take them in my closet, in my bedroom with no natural light, at a super high ISO, they aren't that bad.
Back to the grindstone!
I will get something more done today!

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