Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August Already!

This summer is going by so fast. A little summer weather would be nice. The garden is totally not enjoying the weather and I've just about given up on it. 
We've been busy since we got back from Vancouver. Kerry took the week off and we have hardly had time to sit and relax. He's back and work now and it's probably a vacation for him. 
We've painted the basement. Just need the trim and he's supposed to bringing that home today. 
He's been working on the 'new' truck and the camper. 
And I've been eating out! Hanging out with friends, and spray painting just about everything.
Me, Marg, Heather, and Karen had a non-productive, but very chatty Saturday. We stopped briefly for dinner and then came back here and did more of nothing. About 9 hours of it! 
I was so inspired by the Vietnamese meal that I recreated it the next night for dinner. So fresh and yummy! We all sat out side and ate dinner that night. 

I'm working on re-branding, and figuring out a few business related things. I want to do it right. 
So drinking coffee out of my lens mug should help inspire and motivate me. In my quest to go dairy-free, I've switched from disgusting almond milk to the much better tasting lower calorie Coffeemate. Edible oil product vs. gastronomical distress and meds. It's a tough one.
Let's see if I can get back into blogging on a regular basis!

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Veronica said...

Where did you get a mug like that? Will be needing one too!