Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's been a busy August around here. I still haven't processed my photos from the Retreat and am hoping to do that this week. Today is Project Life day and I'm sad to report we have all fallen behind. It's weird, we get together but it seems we just eat and talk. Today, we're gettin' it done! (and I don't mean just eating)
Who am I kidding?

I really wanted to make these rainbow cakes in a jar for my birthday. But it was so much work and although it looked good, it wasn't worth it. I made it from scratch, maybe that was the problem. Next time I might try a mix. And I won't fill the jar so full. Learned that one the hard way.
Putting 'clean the oven' on my to-do list.
We realized we hadn't had a bbq in a while or company over for dinner so we decided to have a bbq/birthday. With a theme! Tacky Tourist. I did up invitations, decorations and we found costumes.
We were so impressed with our friends and family! Everyone dressed up. This one was my favourite! So much thought and effort! Love the sunburn, the raccoon eyes and the mosquito bites.
 Dad even got a super tan. He had just gotten home from Sturgis and after 14 days on his Harley he was toasty. Shaun has never been outside before so he was ghostly.

 Linus was nice enough to pose for me and my cherry tomato I held above my head.  Sally, on the other hand was wishing for a metal detector so she could scour the 'beach' for treats.  I have more pictures, and am getting more from Terry today, which is good because I didn't actually take that many.

Emily decided Linus's teeth needed a good cleaning. Poor Linus. He didn't know what hit him.
The basement is finished. Since this picture was taken, the couch got moved in, the wall got wrecked by said couch and Kerry, the wall got fixed by Kerry and me, a picture rail was hung on the right side wall, and we decide to paint the tables, but haven't done it yet because we can't decide on a colour. Our 'catch-all' area' has now become a very usable space. Thanks to watching too much "Love It or List It"!
 Dad brought back a bag of candy from his travels. So many we don't get here! Like Chick-a-sticks and Mary Janes(saw these on Unwrapped), makes me want to travel more!
 For my birthday, my sweet friend Michelle, got me a popcorn popper. I've been wanting one for quite a while, years, ever since I saw a Schneiders one at a garage sale and didn't buy it. Kerry said I didn't need one and we didn't have the space to store it. I have to admit he's right, my new, large no-stick frying pan has yet to find a cupboard it fits into. 
 So Michelle bought it for me anyways! And April gave me the fancy popcorn presenting 'bowls', a bag of popcorn, seasoning and coconut oil. It's been 4 days since I got it and I've had popcorn 3 times. We love it. But I think we need to slow down a bit. 
 And I finally got my issue of Cricut! So excited! Now 'those damn dogs' are published too!
 I've felt very creative the last couple days. Which is good, I signed up for a free class and it's 12 days long. I am vowing to keep caught up and so far, so good. Day 4 and I'm off to do it as soon as I'm finished here. There was a kit to purchase but I wouldn't have gotten it in time, so I made my own and was surprised at how well I did shopping in my craft room. I plan to do that more often. I even mixed brands of scrapbook paper. I am also doing something I don't do very often, journaling, and I do it first and then I find a picture for the layout!
Heather has taken quite a few art classes lately and made some beautiful pieces of art. I haven't committed to any of the classes yet, but want to. She made her She Art and I loved the idea. So last night I thought I'd try my hand at making one of me for the new and improved basement. 
It was messy. And I loved it. It gets you thinking. It is my reminder to let it go.

 I have to take this time to get all mushy. 
I'm so grateful for the friends I have. 
They are truthful. They are beautiful. They are a pleasure to be around. 
They bring out the best in me. 
They help me grow.

Thank you, my friends, real and internet ones!

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