Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gotta have ART!

 After seeing all the very creative ways Heather has been journaling in her Art Journal, I decided to make one using mixed media papers, actually I made two.
I gave one to Emily when she said she wanted to do more watercolour painting. Maybe she was inspired by all my talk of Amelia's art work, and the fact I hung one of her post cards up. (Amelia was another Jinky Art Retreat attendee, she does beautiful sketch work.)
I'm using my Art Journal as a bit of a 'trial and error' book, to see how I like the different mediums, different hand writing, etc. I'm enjoying  the journey.
I had a pile of Japanese papers, maybe from Grandpa's house. I mod podged them to a few pages and then painted on them. For this one, I drew a heart and then water coloured it.
 This one has yet another Grandpa find, the K page from the A-K Dictionary. We don't know where L-Z is.
 I did this watercolour when the power went out. I did it in the dark.
 More Grandpa papers, and some Tim Holtz goodies.
 The front of a card from Grandpa. I see a theme now.
 This is my favourite so far. Kerry was filling dry wall holes and I borrowed the paste. I used my Cornish Heritage  Farms stamp in the paste. After it dried, I mod podged it. Then I water coloured it in the colours of our new improved basement. I mod podged some fabric from the basement too.
 I used Indian ink in a dropper to write COLOUR.

 This one is a favourite too. Just water colours and pen.
Emily came down and decided to add some paint to her journal. We've gone from a woodcrafting house with every colour of acrylic paint under the sun to a papercrafting house with only a handful of paint. There's lots of colour mixing. We'll have to start picking up a few more colours because there are just some things I can't do. Mixing colours is one of them. I always end up with purple-brown.
 I finally remembered to stop at Home Depot yesterday and get the things I needed to finish off the parcel to send to Amy and David. She sometimes stops by the blog so I will keep everyone guessing, although I think it's pretty obvious what they are. It's almost their one year anniversary. Kerry was saying that it's hard with fall coming and no trip to California to look forward to. I totally know what he means.
I had seen something like this, only with Texas and I knew I wanted to make one. After cutting out British Columbia, I wanted to move to Saskatchewan! (This looks much better in person, the colours are weird here)

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Amy said...

I am amazed at your artsy talent! All the painting and sketching! I see where Emily gets it now.
And I don't know quite what it is, or why you had to go to Home Depot to get pieces for it!! Guess I will wait and be surprised!