Thursday, September 08, 2011

Not exactly Mickey Mouse.

Kerry found this guy in the garden, he must have been stunned or something because we could touch him (I didn't) and he didn't run away. I even styled him with a stick, he had grass stuck to his nose that he let me remove. I named him Fievel Mousekewitz. He's probably the only famous mouse we will see this fall. We are having some issues with fall coming, and not being in Disneyland again. I personally don't care if I ever go to the park at any other time of year. Next time, I'm hoping to go in mid-November so I can it all done up for Christmas.

 We took the girls and Kerry's mom to the KVR. We hiked forever, 3 1/2 hours. The girls fed this brave chipmunk a pile of cashews.
 They were really good about posing for photos.
 I even accepted the goofy faces.
 And the crazy poses.
 We got some group shots.
 Even a shot or two with me in it.
 We figured we walked for just over 10 km. 12 trestles. 1 snake. 
 I made this little Christmas keepsake book, I'm hoping to put little daily photos in it and small amounts of journaling, low pressure scrapbooking.

 I won't ever make it as a rib cutter, but I can smoke a rib like nobodies business. 4 hours on the smoker, and we were all in love with the baby back ribs. 
 So much so that the home made pizza took a back seat and not much of it got eaten.
I don't care if I ever see another home made pizza but I sure miss those ribs! 

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Amy said...

You guys are really brave about touching wild rodents! Especially the chipmunk. Have you ever seen failure to launch ?? Great chipmunk scene in there!
We were thinking of going to Mickey's trick or treat party again, but David said it wont be any fun without you guys!
my word verification is "tametho" tomato with a lisp?