Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Here! My Favourite Time of Year!

We didn't get a most wonderful summer, it was slow to start, only happened a few days in a row, then rewound to spring and started again. It was weird. But now we have AUTUMN! Sure the days are shorter, but the the smells are better, the colours are richer, the clothes are cozier. 
I'm getting things ready for Halloween, or for October. I've been stock piling the Nightmare Before Christmas tree decorations. 

 The Mother-of-All falling cleaning list....I've got a few things checked off. Polish marble counter tops! Check! I don't have any! Clean fireplace! Check! Clean attic! Check!  
 On the advice of a friend, I managed to pick up over $500 in frames for $12. Plain, inexpensive ones but I've got plans and a can of spray paint.
 This is another frame. These will come in so handy for my October decorating.
 As will this! I love this stuff.
 I made a few of these for the tree, but then thought they'd look great on a black wreath that Heather is peer pressuring me into getting. 
 For the very first time ever! Introducing STICKY. We have snails, Fievel the mouse and now Sticky the snake. We've never had a snake in our yard. I don't really care, I'd rather have 10 snakes than one large spider any day. This little smarty got his tongue stuck on the cement and Shaun had to use a stick to un-stick it. He's in the lavender bush as we speak. I hope he jumps out when Emily comes home so she can see him. Boy, how I hope he does that!
I'm almost afraid to go out and pick the rest of the Italian Prunes! Good thing I picked tomatoes with my eyes closed, I do not want to see a tomato worm, and one year one was in our plum tree. I love fall!


Amy said...

What? $12 for frames?? Where do you shop! The snake is cute, but don't let him in the house. ewww!

Rae | Family Photographer said...

The snake was creepy but b/c photog ops trump phobias any day of the wk, I would have gotten in even closer for a close-up even tho I probably would have passed out LOL

I too love fall for all the same reasons as you.

btw...I'm moving my blog from blogger. I'll be at for my personal/crafty blog