Monday, September 12, 2011

Falling in Love, Again

I have been feeling bad lately. Since getting my 24-70mm lens, I have hardly even looked at another lens. It's not that the other lenses are lowly lenses. It's just that the 24-70 is so versatile. Sure it's heavy, and big, but it's so all around great. 
So yesterday, I put my nifty 50 on and vowed to leave it on for everyday photos for at least a couple days. And after a few shots, I remembered why I loved it. Being able to shot in lower light situations is one reason. The sharpness is another. But the fact I have to 'zoom' with my feet and not my lens is going to take a bit of getting used to again. 
Mom and I got together yesterday a.m. to can a few tomatoes. It's so easy, and fast. I don't know why I don't do it more.
 I snapped a quick shot of her garden boxes. I'm bound and determined I will have a garden like this in the near future. This will be my motivator.
 My little mini album shelves were put up and promptly filled. I may have a mini album addiction.
 I played around with Emily's Japanese doll.

 I ate some Sweet Tarts that Heather gave me. So sweet and yet so tart! Love them.
 She made some tea, in her pjs and asked to have a picture taken! 

 And then I went to Mom and Dad's to see my sweetie. And now ask yourself, does the blog title "falling in love, again" apply to my 50mm f/1.4 or to this sweet face?
 Without the lens, I would not have been able to get decent shots in the house at night.
Without the baby, I would not have sore knees, arms and oddly enough, butt muscles from holding/rocking/feeding/putting her to sleep.
Without the baby, I would not have gotten to sniff her little fuzzy head and inhaled her fountain of youth baby scent! Aaahhhhh...have I mentioned I love love love babies.

 LOVE them! 


Lisa Howard said...

And I'm in love with this post! WOW! What amazing photos!!! I always knew you were an incredible photograhper but nothing like a little time away to see how your talent is growing! Amazing! Simply amazing!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Your comment definitely put a smile on my face. So, so good to hear from you...

Rae | Family Photographer said...

What wonderful photos! That baby is just adorable! I know what you mean about the 24-70. I love mine too. My primes don't get pulled out as often anymore b/c they're not as convenient to use as the 24-70...but when I do grab the 50 or 85 I just swoon at the sharpness and bokeh I get from them.