Sunday, September 18, 2011


I love that with autumn comes the start of school and falling back into somewhat of a routine. Crafting is a major part of my routine. Cleaning is not. Baking is, eating is, dish isn't.
When April, who has recently had surgery, said she wanted to make button bracelets, I thought "why not?" So I packed up my supplies,  Michelle made lunch, and I did dessert and we had a great day of crafting, well, some of us did. We should go on the road with out mobile lunch and crafts for the homebound. 
 In my crafting routine, I usually start my Christmas cards now, but since I had to try out my new Easter set. It's so cute!
 I made a few things for layout class, and I scrapbooked some of my own personal pages.
 For Stamper's Group, we made little altered CD tins to hold our Christmas lists. It can be for our Wish Lists or Lists of Gifts To Buy.
 Or Christmas Things To Do.
 Black spray paint and I are still good friends. Heather found this funky frame for me.  Not sure what will go in it yet.
 I don't want to appear completely negligent of the home and it's every growing to-do list, so I defrosted the freezer, cleaned it and repacked it. This is where longer arms would come in handy.
I'm still working on my re-branding for my photography business. Who knew it would not be so easy? I want unique, something that is me, and it's so hard to figure that out. I don't want the same tired logo that I see everywhere, the branch, the flower, that has nothing to do with the photographer or photography. I know where I want to go, just having trouble getting there. 

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