Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anime Revolution 2012 re-cap

This year, we decided to make more of a family trip out of our trek to the anime convention. Kerry attended the convention for the first time. We stayed right down town at the Marriot Pinnacle hotel, which was worth every penny, except didn't have free wi-fi and we should have paid the $16 to get it the first day. We have stayed in Burnaby in past years and that works too, but we have to drive or take the skytrain in. This year with Emily having a table in Artist's Alley, we thought it would be easier to stay closer. And it was. Her and her friend walked daily to and from the convention by themselves! We are a block off the ocean, and could see the convention centre where I thought the convention was again this year. was at Canada Place, the next building over. Must learn to read the forms better. 
We met up with my brother to do some grocery shopping. I made him pose for this one. What would we do without our phones?  I texted him non-stop to find info on where we wanted to go, where we should go, and why we couldn't find where we were going. I think it was like our own personal On-Star.

 I'm not up to date with my anime and manga characters. But if I see a costume I like I ask for a photo. The attendees are more than happy to pose for photos. I know this guy is from Death Note.
I had taken a photo of Mario, by himself and Michelle's son said he wanted to see a photo of Mario and me. So the next day I hunted him down and Kerry took this one. I was relieved, because most of the kids come in different costumes every day.

I wonder where some of these costumes come from? This one had some voice altering mechanism too.

 These two I know! The Elric brothers. Love the detail in costumes!
 And this, I have no idea, but it was pretty awesome.
 Outside the convention, the kids sat around and tourists would come up and ask for photos. It was pretty neat to see. This guy wanted to try on her arms. I overheard him say they were heavy.  I wondered if she took the skytrain to the convention?

This was taken at Peaceful Restaurant, our last meal while in Vancouver. I'll blog more about the food later. 

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Anonymous said...

The one with the voice altering was Master Chief from the video game Halo