Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bucket List?

Do you have a Bucket List? I don't. I figured I'd just start saying yes when people asked me to do things. And if there's something I want to do, I'd make the plans to do it. (Slight Disclaimer: I won't go skydiving, bungy jumping, or deep sea/ocean swimming, do anything with gators/crocs, eat bugs, or watch that show "River Monsters") When Michelle asked if we wanted to go boating, I said yes. When the kids wanted someone to go on the tube, I said yes. When Michelle asked if I was swimming, I said yes. Then I got in the water and my irrational fear of sturgeon kicked in. I had to float on my stomach for a while, thank goodness for large life jackets! It was the nicest day I have ever had on the lake! The last time I was on a boat, I was on the ocean, going fast, and it was pretty scary. After floating about, I worked up the courage to do some canon balls! Then we went farther south, and the water was cooler, I'm assuming deeper. And we got back in and that was too much for me and I almost lost my everloving mind! Cold water = deep water = sturgeon. I don't care that Rick Hanson says they are almost extinct or that I've never seen one in the lake, but I would rather Ogopogo himself touch me than a sturgeon. Anyways... Kerry and Michelle's kids....

 Me, Michelle and her daughter. 
I survived. Just barely. My back was sore, maybe from bouncing around in the tube or maybe from laughing so much. My throat hurt a bit but I also swallowed some fish pee, and got some up my nose, and I might have screamed a little on the tube. 
I also won't play paint ball. I'm afraid of pain, but I can take it, I'm more afraid of sweating in gear someone else sweated in. 

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Pound said...

what's the deal with sturgeon? should i be afraid?

and sweaty gear is right. bowling shoes??