Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Oh, AMC!


This is what we've been doing. Kerry made an executive decision to get Netflix. The first thing he did after yelling out "I can watch Top Gear!" was to start Season One of Breaking Bad. I know it's about crazy crack cocaine and illegal doings. But I'm totally addicted. I think they used some kind of visual crack. I can't wait till he gets home from work so we can watch it. We're half way through the 2nd season. It's a great replacement for us while we wait for The Walking Dead to start. And then there's Hell on Wheels too! AMC rocks.
My 40th birthday is coming. Kerry asked what I want. I said my party was present enough, (I bought 60 lbs in brisket) but now I'm having second thoughts. He asked if I wanted to go Disneyland. I said I did, but not this year. Can you believe that? I'm pretty much set for camera stuff, can't think of anything I want there.  I bought myself an immersion blender and a Magic Bullet recently so I don't really need any cooking stuff.  I'll have to do some more thinking.

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Pound said...

top gear is the best! and 60 lbs of brisket? you should smoke it!!!