Friday, August 03, 2012

Instagram July

Best Group shot! Outside the Gasthaus in Peachland. 
 Button making for the anime convention in August.
 Mom's birthday dinner at that Vietnamese Restaurant that no can remember the name of. 
 The van needed a new battery, or so we thought, it really needed a new alternator. 
 Snapped this on the way to the Shuswap, totally fluke. I was trying to get the sun on the lake.
 Love this one! Yum! Pie!
 I wouldn't give up my zero gravity chair for anyone. Not even Horseshoe Tournament Champions.
 Goodies from the US! Thanks to Michelle!
 Goodies from the garden. Thanks to me and Miracle Grow.
 10 lbs. of blue berries.
 Baby me and mom and dad.
 It's totally goofy, but it's me, I got my bangs cut off after trying to grow them. They were down to my nose. 
 I walked to the chiropractor. Then I wanted a pupusa, but decided to check the thrift store instead for a vase I need. And I found a brand new pasta maker. Then I thought I'd walk to the bank. But stopped at the other thrift store first. Found a neat photo holder thing that will get re-vamped and a bundle of cool office supplies. Then I had to carry my crap home. The lady at the thrift store gave me a good sturdy cloth bag with canvas handles to carry it all home in. I think I'll keep it and make it all pretty and donate some of my other bags to the thrift store for those other people that decide to buy too much to carry home. 

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