Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No promises.

I have been so neglectful in my blogging. I'd like to say I was busy making a life, or some other inspirational quote I saw on Pinterest about why I've not blogged, but truth is, I've been lazy. Sure, we have done quite a bit and it has taken me away from blogging, crafting, house cleaning, and yard work... but I've also done a lot of nothing too. 
Amelia and I decided that since we both have spent a small fortune on photography equipment and courses, it was time to put it to some use. We devised a challenge, which in the first week I have already failed miserably at. She came up with the first challenge, and it just so happened that we were going on a little road trip to Osoyoos to spend the day with some of my favourite people! I figured I could take my challenge photos while we explored! 
The challenge was to find inspiration in Ma Yuan's art work, in the Corner Ma composition. I had to google. You can see Amelia's post on the challenge on her BLOG!

I also took a bunch of other photos of this week too. 
Linus loves the fall colours, and surprise! So do I!

He's such a good little model.
These people on the other hand.... they could take some lessons.

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Amelia said...

Your transition from Linus to the group photo where no one is ready is hilarious! Also, I love your very first photo for corner composition! You didn't fail at all. I'm the one who failed. There's so many things to photograph in England, and I photograph a seagull on a lamp post you can find anywhere in the world...