Friday, December 01, 2006

Preened and Plucked

Kerry's Christmas party is tonight at Ric's Grill.
I have plucked, scrubbed, Satin Handed, clear cutted the forest on my legs, coloured my hair, and moisturized this morning all so I can look good while eating a yummy meal in a probably dark restaurant!
I am on my way to the mall to look for a snazzy top. Wish me luck. I'm an odd shape, very broad across the back so it's always a treat to find something and then try it on only to realize I will be pulling an Incredible Hulk if I reach for anything or lift my arms!


Dawn said...

I hope you guys have/had a great time! I've been there once and had an amazing meal..... enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm sure you'll look pretty snazzy in your fancy new top!

Sue said...

You'll look great!! Just enjoy yourselves - you've been working hard lately and you need a relaxing night for the two of you!!