Saturday, December 23, 2006

2 more sleeps!!!

I think I am ready for the big day. And after today, if I'm not ready, too bad!
I realized I missed sending a few cards to some people. I might have to do Happy New Year's cards! Sorry, Jenn Y. if you are reading this! I totally forgot and I think I missed a birthday too.
Kerry and I were discussing the terrible memories we both have, not like childhood memories, but our brains and what we keep forgetting to do. Maybe we need personal recorders to carry with us. Every time we think of something to do, we can record it and set an alarm to listen to it later. Kerry had one, a perk from work, and of course he loved it and it really helped. But then he forgot to record "take recorder out of pocket before putting in laundry". So I washed and dried it for him.

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