Saturday, December 30, 2006

What the !?!

So the holidays are almost over. Kerry is back at work, if you can call it that! I think he's really eating chocolate and surfing the net. Anyways, holidays almost over...and not a single picture on my camera has me in it. Not one. Not opening presents, not eating dinner, not eating breakfast, not in my pjs, not filling my face with chocolate, not napping, reading, hugging, celebrating, playing, sitting, standing or even complaining.

So I doctored one in PS and sent it to Nancy and Heather. It's bad, really bad. Shaun says the lighting on my face is so off. No kidding, you big teenaged dummy, I'm not in the real picture. See that head at the bottom, it's mine, it's from months ago and if you can remember, I know it's so long ago on Christmas Eve, but I wasn't sitting on the floor in front of you. NO, I was the big dummy taking pictures!

Years from now my great-great grandchildren will think Kerry raised the kids on his own, with help from Sally the Wonder Dog (why else would a dog have a whole scrapbook devoted to just her?)

So my New Year's resolution (if I had to make one, I really hate them) would be to get out from behind the camera and take some shots of me!

And my A-HA moment regarding clothing came today while at Mellow Yellow. While shopping, I have noticed that t-shirt makers are cheaping out and the shirts are almost see-thru. Really thin! So I don't buy many, I suck at buying clothes. You know, "oh I love this shirt but yikes, $25 for a shirt you can see my bra and my rolls through" no thanks. But today the very nice sales person cleared this all up for me. I bought a sweater before Christmas and I just didn't wear it like the cute mannequin in the store did. I found all the clothes she was wearing and one of the shirts was really thin, so I said something to the sales person and she said "of course, it has to be thin because if you have 4 layers on (like the mannequin) you will feel and look like the Pilsbury Doughboy." The thin sleeveless, yes, sleeveless shirt is not meant to be worn out and about, it's for laying! This woman started glowing and angels were singing! So I bought the shirt and another one. Isn't she a great sales person? I wanted to run out and buy all the thin shirts I had not bought before Christmas.
Besides, I didn't lose weight so I could dress and feel like the Doughboy!


Heather said...

Uh? Don't you have a Tri-pod? Don't other people, (other than Sally Girl) know how to use a camera?????

You have bigger problems than I thought?

Fern said...

1. My nephew showed me how to use the automatic timer on my camera. and I have a teeny-tiny tripod!

2. Mellow Yellow is one of my favourite stores! You'll have to show the clothes you bought and then we can be like totally matching!!

Dawn said...

That is hilarious!

And what a Great resolution! I'll be we could all step up to that challenge!

(I have one nice pic of me from 4 years ago that I really like. I have actually had this conversation with my friend Julie...
"If I die, please make sure this photo gets used beside the casket. If Joel has to find one on his own, he might end up using my drivers licence picture.")

Happy new Year!
May we all get some photos of ourselves tonight!

Kelli said...

I do have a tripod and I know how to use the timer. They just never get used.