Saturday, December 23, 2006

Got cut off!

I had to end the last post early. There was some wrapping I had forgotten about. But now I think I am officially finished. Every year I say I am going to start earlier and every year I think I finish later. Although I did see on the news that it's not a bad thing because you get the better deals. Like Hillary Duff boots for $5 when the original price was $34.99. Never mind that they are two different sizes, E. says she can't really tell. They look like moon boots, I think she can float with them on. Oh, and the fact that they are Hillary Duff boots isn't something she wants people to know.

Emily says the weirdest things. Yesterday we were discussing a New Year's party in which siblings were invited to join in.

Emily: I'm not a sibling.

Grown-up: Then what are you?

Emily: I'm a dumpling.

I had great intentions of making a calendar for the grandparents. Every month would have a special picture of the kids and Sally if she would co-operate. I planned on taking all the pics this week but with the crazy schedule we have had I got one picture taken, well, maybe 6 but of the same thing. Kids pissing themselves laughing infront of the tree, no dog to be seen, at least they had matching clothes on. At one point E. declared "I'm crying here!"

So that didn't work. The calendar now has 11 months of Sally. It looks great but really wasn't what I envisioned.
I just finished Stuart McLean's newest Vinyl Cafe book, I think it's Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe.(He's the funny guy on CBC that talks about Dave and Morley.) I love his stuff. It's hilarious. Short, quick stories. Very much like everyday life for some people, not us, no way. It is laugh-out-loud funny. Read it, read all his Vinyl Cafe books. Go to the library and get them or buy them at the Superstore but don't ask me if you can borrow them. They are too precious. So far 3 out of 4 Williams give them the thumbs up. Emily would probably read it but she's reading the freakin' dictionary right now. Like really reading it. I was just joking when I asked which chapter she was on, only to be told the exact letter of the alphabet and word she was on. Weird.
I have been told that the Grinch is on and I better get my butt upstairs to watch it so I know how not to behave this year! Too late!


Fern said...

I am looking forward to hearing about Dave cooking the turkey tomorrow or the next day - hey we should get a group together & go see Stuart next time he comes to town!

Hope you have a great Christmas Kelli!

Tara said...

Merry Christmas Kelli!