Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh the GUILT...

Yes, these are the same boots you may have seen on Fern's blog. And now they are mine. I have been looking, sort of, for new boots this winter. I wanted cute, but still warm and waterproof, practical, of course. It is so hard to find boots that don't have wedges or that aren't leather, but are still stylish. And I didn't want hiking boots. So when Fern posted this pic on her blog...I said that's it, that's the boot for me!
So today, which may be my last day on earth when Kerry finds out how much I spent, today I bought the boots. I had them put on hold, looked all over the mall with Heather and then took her to see my precious boots. She agreed they were the nicest ones we had seen. She's an enabler. The only problem was the cost. They were not the cheapest or even the most reasonable, at $170 before taxes, I wasn't sure my feet were worth. But I was raised to spend money on my feet. These babies are waterproof, Gortex lined and can be washed in the washing machine. Of course the sales person said they were the last ones, not just in the store, but in any of the Ingledew's.
So I bought them, I have 14 days to think about it. The thing is, I'm not a shoe person. I find a pair, they are comfy, I wear them, they have to be practical, go with everything and although they are never cheap, they are reasonable and usually on sale.
I know I will keep them. I know Kerry won't care. I did just call him at work and his boss answered and I asked him if $200 was too much to spend on boots and he laughed because his wife just told their daughter that $80 was the limit, but she spent almost double on her boots. Boss said Marks has some boots and then laughed and said they were not cute boots. He also suggested Grower's Supply. Ha Ha Ha. When Kerry called me back, and I told him how much, he said "Holy Cow" and I could hear the guys in the office laughing like crazy. Poopy MEN. And then Kerry said "We need to get the van fixed." Bubble burster! He did seem happy that the boots are machine washable.
Off to build a boot shrine!

Oh, and on the way home I stopped at a few stores just to see whatelse was outside the mall for boots. Shoe Warehouse, I think, by Safeway, has some nice stuff. And Hollywood Shoes in Rutland has some freakishly expensive shoes, very nice, definately unique ones too. I told the lady to buy the $400 boots she was trying on because it would make me feel better about my $200 ones.

We are having an Open House/Craft Sale at Heather's on Sunday, Dec. 10. Come up to her place and take the stuff off our hands so we don't have to store it.


Dawn said...

This was not a frivolous purchase.
This was an investment in your foot health and in your country.

Thousands of women die every year in Canada. The cause: uncute, uncomfortable, unwarm and unmachinewashable footwear.

This, Kelli, is what has caused the decay of our health care system.

You have done this act of service to your country and your feet.
A grateful nation thanks you.
Way to make a difference.

Fern said...

In fact in the library yesterday was an unfortunate victim of bad foot health. He was limping and his smell cleared out the entire non-fiction section. Let this be a lesson to you all!

And Kelli I didn't see ANY cute boots anywhere else. You made the right choice.

Kelli said...

Oh, you guys are the best!
I love love love my new boots. I ran all over town today in them, including the library to see Fern but she actually had the nerve to have the day off! My feet were so comfy and warm.

Fern said...

I'm going to have to wrestle Holly for them next Wednesday so we can have a photo op of our booty togetherness!