Monday, February 12, 2007

I feel like I got a spanking!

So the Pap test itself was pretty fast, except that I'm oddly shaped and it was uncomfortable. But what was even more atrocious was finding out that it has been (are you sitting down?) 7 years since my last Pap test! I wanted to cry!!! But as bad as finding this out was, the worst was yet to come...and if I had been in sooner, as in years sooner, the cyst or whatever it is on my cervix would have been found sooner. The dr. said it is most likely just a cyst, nothing too scary but we need to find out why it's there and the tests will take 3-6 weeks to come back.
So begins the freaky thoughts...if only I had gone in sooner...if it is something (the big C), is my house clean enough?...have I spent enough time with the kids?...who will take care of my family like I do...oh, there's more but it's so freakin' morbid...
I could be jumping the gun, but it's there, it's my fault it wasn't found sooner and I will have to live with it. I will spend the next few weeks pushing terrible thoughts from my over active brain.
So again, go and get your Pap test done!

I had to have blood work done because the dr. thinks I may have a thyroid problem. She went down the list of symptoms and I said yes to everyone. My silly body thought 2 vials of blood was just about too much. Really, how bad could it be? So bad that when the tech says apply pressure here with your other hand, I couldn't do it. So now I have a big old bruise.

On a different note...I have successfully made some ebay sales, thanks to Heather's help. I have procurred a tonne of chip board coasters from a more local, and very pleasant source and am patiently waiting for H. to say she's got the cd tin order! And my SU spring mini stuff is on it's way, hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be fondling new goodies.

My big clippy idea what to do with them but I love them just the same.

Post some ideas on what they can be used for and I will draw from the posts. The winner will get one of the clippy flowers.


Fern said...

Those are so cool! I think you should use them to mark the calendar for IMPORTANT MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS THAT YOU SHOULDN'T MISS! Bad puppy! But don't worry, I'm sure if it was something serious you'd have started to feel crappy about 5 years ago.

Dawn said...

Ah, yes, the dreaded bi-yearly "lie down" with your Dr. GOod for you for finally getting in :-) And try not to worry while you wait for your tests back... hard to do, I know.

Love the flowers... I think they'd make great bookmarks!

iralamija said...

This is beautiful!!