Thursday, February 01, 2007

I've been tagged...

Darn that Cheryl, and if I was any good at this blogging thing I would post a link to her blog so you can read how weird she is, but I can't so I will type it in ... and hope it works. If she wasn't so inspiring, I might not like her. Rumor has it she smokes and watches the House of Carters.

So she's tagged me and I have to tell 6 weird things about myself, I am assuming they should be things people already don't know...everyone already knows I am afraid of sturgeons, spiders, raw meat, and naked kids pooping in my pool.

1. I watch Hallmark Hall of Fame movies just for the commercials, they make me cry (Kerry watched the last one with me and got wet eyes!). Grey's Anatomy, I cry every episode, I love that show. I also like Ugly Betty, and My Name is Earl, they are hilarious, and repeats of Arrested Developement are on lately and they make me laugh and I watch most CSI's and Law and Orders...I'm not ashamed to say I watch a fair amount of tv. It's amazing I get anything done. And Risk Takers, interesting. I will watch kids shows when the kids are at school, just to have the tv on. Yes, I do watch Y&R, Bold and the Beautiful, Days and Passions. It's more background noise for creating.

2. Don't scare me, unless you like getting hurt, don't jump out of a closet or from behind a door. You will get punched in the solar plexus, the wind will be knocked out of you, because I watched Scooby Doo and you might be a zombie. This is for real...I love Scooby, I hate zombies. I will also try to push zombies (or people that may be zombies) down the stairs, I will punch, kick and slap them too. You have been warned. I can't help it.

3. I dislike goat cheese. I was fed goat's milk from a stinky goat once as a kid, maybe I didn't drink it, but I remember my mom trying to get me to. I will spit it out if some gets in my mouth. I love feta as long as it's not goat. And wild meat. You can't trick me into eating it, no way, no how. NO duck, lamb, veal, bear, moose, deer, goose, or rabbit, and if you tell me that weird shaped chicken is a chicken, and I eat it, don't tell me later that it was a rabbit. Eggs and alcohol make me physically sick, even though I would like to ingest more of both. I can eat eggs baked in things, and will eat them occasionally but Kerry freaks out because I get sick. Alcohol just burns a hole in me, unless in a girly drink, perferably a creamy one.

4. I don't eat 'breakfast' food for breakfast. I eat Money's veggie patties with saurkraut, soup, pita pizzas, but not toast, unless it's a sandwich, not eggs, not cereal. But I will eat breakfast for dinner.

5. I can't donate blood. I have the rarest blood type...why? Because my body won't share it so no wonder it's rare. I will go into shock and faint. But before that happens I won't listen to the signs, like the first time I donated and had a painful experience where I couldn't lift my arm the next day, back pressure or something, they said. And of course, I also said, "I don't feel so well", so I got extra rest time after my cookies. The second time, the stuff they drop your blood into to see if you have enough iron got dumped on me. Did I go home? NO, I donate. My hands and feet go tingly and numb and CODE something gets yelled and little old ladies run over to me and people are yelling at me to keep my eyes open and I'm like "whatever", they consider that fainting. The next day they politely asked me not to come back unless it was to drive "the guy with the pipes" down and have cookies while I wait for him to donate. And I was being so brave, because I am also afraid of needles and deathly afraid of my own blood. Go figure.

6. I took computerized accounting, bought expensive accounting programs. I excelled at it, graduated with something like 98%, the highest mark at the time, says so right with my diploma, where ever that is. Worked for an electrictian for 3 months, didn't like it at all. Became a SAHM and am so stubborn about using my brain that I won't balance my cheque book or do my own taxes, but I did learn to type. It's not weird actually, it's more my dirty little secret. I will make Kerry come grocery shopping with me to do the math to figure out the better deals. Don't ask me to do any math.

That's not all, I'm sure I have more weird things lurking around. I know I do. But now I am sure I have scared everyone and they will give me funny looks when I see them.

So, let's see who has a blog, who can I tag?...A little birdy told me yesterday that Dawn has a blog, I don't think I have seen it. I found out Dawn has a last name too, this person told me awn so-and-so has a blog and she posted my salsa chicken recipe on it. And I have no idea who she was talking about until she says "Dawn-from-the-scrapbook-store." Which is how I think of most people, by where I know them from. So even though she's faster in real life, I am tagging DAWN-from-the-scrapbook-store. And FERN-from-the-library and YOLANDA-Kavita-from-the-candy-aisle-at-Walmart.

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Fern said...

Oh man this is a hard act to follow; you're so much stranger than I am! LOLOLOLOL