Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Tricks

Check it out! My first attempt at a watermark. I can learn new tricks! It still needs a little tweaking, but I'm pretty pleased with myself. It didn't take days or hours and I didn't swear once.
This Photoshop 7 program just might come in handy! I am so lucky that my cousin gave it to me, because there is no way I would have ever bought it, it's way too expensive for me and I think you need a degree in something to be able to use it. Besides, I learned that lesson when I bought all my accounting programs that I never used.


Dawn said...

You are too cool, what with your very own watermark!

p.s. Did you hear anything back from the Doc yet??

Allison said...

This looks terrific...I did something like this recently with Big Pieces...suddenly I can see its application everywhere!

Cheryl said...

Very cool! Now don't you know a certain famous scrapbooker who also happens to know photoshop inside and out? Maybe you could trade lessons for more of your organizational expertise :)

Heather said...

Kelli - organizational expert?

NOT! Have you seen her craft room?