Thursday, February 08, 2007

Waiting and waiting...

until 11:30.
Not for the faint of heart.
Why? Because in the whole scheme of things, I let it slip to my nurse friend that I have not in the last 2 or more years had that wonderful little test every woman needs but no one wants to volunteer for, that's right the dreaded PAP. And she laid into me the biggest guilt trip ever. I made the appointment and I know it's for my health and what's the point of eating better and moisturizing if I don't look after my stuff!
So on Tuesday, I was going to get my hair done. I've been letting it grow and I have not coloured it because I was going all out. Getting colour, maybe a new style if possible. Thinking that getting the top all prettied up will take the uncomfort out of what is going to happen on Thursday to the bottom. Well, as fate would have it, my hairdresser got the nasty flu and had to cancel. Now I have to wait until next Tuesday.
But now I need a 'feel good' treat to help get over the trauma. I already have all the new magazines, I don't want to blow my good WW week by eating something decadent (no carrot cake), and I don't want to shop for clothes. Oh, woe is me.

Not that I can be the poster child for PAP tests, pause to picture that, but if you haven't gone lately, you know you should, suck it up and do it.


Fern said...

Hey, better a pap test than a mammogram :)

Audrey said...

Why did you post that pic with the word Woohoo.... Now when I see your feet I'll be thinkin of you Woohoo LMAO!

Kelli said...

Don't think of my WooHoo, think of yours!