Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm bored.

I'm bored...That's what Emily said at Grandma W's last night. So I let her play with my camera
Neither child of mine has held the camera for more than one or two shots. And it's usually under the severe eagle eyes of Mom. But last night, I figured what harm could come to the camera. Other than some finger prints on places I wouldn't put my fingers, I think my baby made out alright.
109 pictures later and I have pictures of the carpet, the wall, behind the fridge, pop cans, body parts, ceilings, and some not so bad shots of family members. But is there one half decent picture of me? No! There are some pretty nasty ones, why can't they take pictures of me when I am not rolling my eyes, opening my mouth or showing off my double chin?
So now that you have checked out Uncle Keith's feet, Emily's new Imaginesce portfolio (from Yo), Shaun's DO NOT TAKE MY PICTURE, Kerry's close up and one of 3 pop cans, and a bunny I painted ages ago, should we get the kids their own camera? I did tell Kerry they could have mine and I could get a better one. Ha Ha Ha...I think that's how I got this one.

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Fern said...

Love it! I have a collection of pictures Holly took when she was little. They're all quite good except our heads are chopped off on every single one...